What is narayan-nagbali ?

This is the most important vidhi done in the name of ancestors for their souls to get free from this world and attain the highest state of liberation from this cycle of human birth and death. It is also performed to get rid of problems occured due to curse from father, mother, brother, corpse, wife and small churn-staff. ( Pitru shap, Pratashap, Matrushap, Bhatrushap, patnishap, matulshap).

Narayan Nagbali Pooja has two different two rituals. Narayan Bali is a tradition made to fulfil the unfulfilled desires of the ancestor souls while Nagbali tradition is made to get rid of the sins of the cobra. This Pooja performed only at Tryambakeshwar.

Narayan Bali and Nagbali both are two different rituals. We cannot do only Narayan Bali or Nagbali, so we have to perform both of them together. Narayan Nagbali pooja is performed only at Tryambakeshwar. This Narayan Nagbali Pooja in Tryambakeshwar is done in three days. Some special dates are required for this pooja. But for some days it is not right.

  • Narayan Nagbali Pooja :

    Narayan Nagbali is done when a person kills a snake specifically Cobra (Nag) which is worshipped all over the India.

    In case of killing snake, ancestor souls unsatisfied desires Narayan Nagbali is processed with making a statue of the person or cobra with wheat dough. And Prayers & Mantras are invoked to eliminate this period from their life.

    Narayan Nagbali is only done at Tryambakeshwar. As it an age-old tradition, references are found even in Skandh Puran and Padma Puran.

  • Importance of Narayan Nagbali pooja :

    The vital role plays by Narayan Nagbali pooja for the following problems :

    1. Bhoot Pishach Badha.

    2. Unsuccessful in Business.

    3. Family health Problems.

    4. Marriage Problems.

    5. Accidental Death.

    6. Health problems in many family members.

    7. Different Types of Curse (shrap).

    Narayan Nagbali is implemented to get relaxation from these various crunches.

    It gives good health, success in business and career and fulfils wishes. It is a three-day ritual on a particular day and time (muhurta). On the first day, the devotees should take a holy bath in Kushavarta and resolve to give dashdaan (give ten things in charity).

    After offering prayers at the Tryambakeshwar temple, they go to the dharmashala at the confluence of rivers Godavari and Ahilya for performing Narayan Nagbali.