What is Pitru Dosh ?

What is PitruDosh? Is PitruDosh badly affect your life? How you can remove this Dosh to live life happily? Don’t worry, in this article you will get whole information about PitruDosh and its remedies as well. When a person does not achieve peace because of the religious rituals of his ancestors, the defect becomes a zodiac called paternal defect. This is a very serious fault in one’s horoscope & it should be amended at the earliest by getting a puja known as PitruDosh Nivaran Pooja or PitruDosh Shanti performed.

  • Types of PitruDosh Pooja performed at Tryambakeshwar :

    1. Narayan Nagbali pooja : takes three days for completion and this pooja perform at river side.
    2. Tripindhi Shraddha : Beside the Kushavartaakundh, one day pooja is performed under name of Tri Pindhi Shardh.
    3. Tirth Shraadha : One day pooja perform at house of the Pandit.

  • You will face following problems due to Pitru Dosh :

    There is a long list of problems arising due to this PitruDosh, a few of which are mentioned below :

    If there are problems in bearing pregnancy, repeated miscarriages or the children at home are often falling sick repeatedly. Also, paternal defects can often lead to the birth of a girl.

    1. There may be regular / repeated problems without any logical reason or source at the house / business leading to severe frustration.

    2. There is absence of peace & harmony in the House / Business premises & we feel negative vibrations whenever we enter them. The overall growth of a person appears to have been cramp in spite of his / her sincere efforts.

    If any of the above problems are haunting you, we suggest you to get this Pitru Dosh Nivaran Pooja performed at the earliest at your place or alternately our learned purohits can perform this pooja for you at our place.

  • How to remove PitruDosh?

    If you are thinking that you are facing unwanted problems due to curse. It’s not real, actually problems occurring PitruDosh. So, how you can handle this problem. It’s easy you should use the following remedies to remove PitruDosh from your and family member’s life.

  • Remedy 1 :

    The most widely accepted special ritual or puja for PitruDosh is Narayanbli Pooja. This pooja is performed only a few prescribed places such as :

    1. Tryambakeshwar in Nasik.

    2. Chandod near Dabhoi near Vadodara in Gujarat.

    3. Kala Hasti in Tamil Nadu.

    4. Near Holy Ganga in Haridwar.

    5. Pichash Mochan and Near Holy Ganga in Varanasi.

    It is very important to note that worship can be done at the places mentioned below.

  • Remedy 2 :

    Another remedy for PitruDosh is given below.

    This Puja can remove all kinds of PitruDosh. On any Somwati Amavasya or when the Amavasya is falling on Monday, go to pimpal tree. Offer one Yagyopavit to the tree and second Yagyopavit to Lord Vishnu.

    Then do 108 Parikrama (move in circles around the tree ) of tree. While doing Parikrama, chant the mantra Om Namo Bhaagvate Vaasudevaay and offer a mithai to the tree with each Parikrama. After finishing the Parikrama, again pray to the Pimpal tree and Lord Vishnu and ask forgiveness.

  • Remedy 3 :

    You have to perform Rudrabhishek (Rudra Abhishek) in the name of the kul or ancestors.

  • Remedy 4 :

    You can donate gold cow to a Brahmin, with the Sankalp stating ,that it is for the ancestors.